Friday Funnies: Funny sayings by Rockford

11 Mar

This charming little boy

I love hearing what goes on inside his little head,like what he said this week…

  After bible study I asked Rockford if he wanted to go to his Nana’s and he agreed. So I said, “Ok I’ll drop you off after we go to McDonald’s”. He quickly replied, “No, don’t drop me, I’ll get an awee.”


   I was reading Rockford “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” (still makes me read it to him) and it gets to a part where the Grinch opens the refrigerator to steal all the food of the Who’s and Rockford’s concern was, “Is he going to close the refrigerator door?  I turned the page to keep reading and he quickly added, “Well did he?”


   While checking out books at the library Rockford grabs a hold of his ear and says, “Ouch, I broke my ear!”


   We were going over the salutations Mr. and Mrs. since Rockford had heard them on Veggie Tales. In the cartoon the daddy cucumber tells the little cucumber, “I love you little mister,” and the little cucumber replies, “I love you Big Mister.” It appeared that Rockford got them down as he recited, “Mama is a misses cause she’s a woman and Dada is a Big Mister cause he’s a man and I’m a Dinosaur, Rarrrrr!


   I was changing Rockford’s underwear when he starts scratching his booty so I said, “yuck Rockford why are you scratching your booty?” He replied, “Cause I want to see what’s in there.”

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