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Friday Funnies From Rockford

17 Feb

Rockford Funnies

Love a kid’s funny perspective

smiling boy

All smiles

The other day I am driving into garage with boys in the backseat. As we approach to park we see Daddy working out…pause. We sit in car for a minute and stare.

Me: “Wow…Daddy is strong!”

Rockford: “Yeah…like me.” ūüôā


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Happy 1/2 yr birthday to Training Up My Boys!

1 Aug

Six months later…

Thank you to all our Readers!

mommy and boys

Looking ahead into the horizon

I can’t believe this little blog started January 31st and my kids and the Lord have really given me much material to write about. I am beyond blessed and honored to be a mother, a wife and a writer of my journey through motherhood. Thank you for coming on this journey with us.

My son Rockford made Fox News and beyond!

21 Apr

What didn’t make it on the news segments

 How did he get so smart?

Rockford Ramirez in Fox News

Stepping into the spotlight


How did¬†the situation go¬†from making a cute home video to being interviewed by Fox News in New York? I would like to share with you candidly¬†how this Christian stay-at-home-mom and my husband, a private Christian school teacher have been raising this so-called “Genius kid”.

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Raising “Faith” Action Heroes

6 Apr

Boys are Doers  

“But be doers of the word, and not hearers only”

 James 1:22 

courtesy of thoughtsonparenting.com

Being a mother comes with its share of responsibility. Being a mother of boys has come with its share of unique responsibilities that never crossed my mind until my older son started growing up. I went nuts trying to figure out how we were going to instill all the qualities that make up good character. How would we do this before he hit eighteen? Continue reading

Boys vs. Girls (Part 1)

24 Mar

Who is “More” Better?

Both sexes are as different as day and night, is one better or easier to raise over the other?  Continue reading

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