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Driving in cars with boys

4 Feb

My Backseat Drivers

Rockford & Rocco Funnies from the backseat

little boy in car

"Can I drive yet?"

We are at a red light waiting…

Rocco: “Go!”

Rockford: “There is a car in front of us Rocco! Do you want us to crash?!”

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Friday Funnies: Funny sayings by Rockford

10 Jun

More funnies

more ramblings

little boy sticking out tongue


I turn to look at Rockford and see him picking his nose.

Me: “What are you doing? Why are you picking your nose?”

Rockford: “I want to see what’s in there.”

Fair enough.

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Rockford’s Love language…Cars

9 Mar


Saying more with his toys

Rockford has the habit of handing you a car and saying, “You’re _____”. Interestingly enough, he hands you a car that holds some relation to how he views you… if you pay close attention. Let me break it down for you based on what cars Rockford has handed people.

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