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Presidential Funnies

27 Feb

My Pint-Size Patriot

Rockford the Politico

Boy next to USA flag

I Vote for me is a Vote for Lightening McQueen

It has been truly rewarding…and entertaining to go through a Presidential Nomination process with my 3 1/2-year-old son, Rockford. He has shown his love for his country and Presidents’ since he was two. Now I see him striving to grasp how a person becomes President and what type of person makes for a good president. Get a kick out of his perspective like we, his parents have.

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Driving in cars with boys

4 Feb

My Backseat Drivers

Rockford & Rocco Funnies from the backseat

little boy in car

"Can I drive yet?"

We are at a red light waiting…

Rocco: “Go!”

Rockford: “There is a car in front of us Rocco! Do you want us to crash?!”

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Friday Funnies: Daddy and Rockford

15 Jul

Daddy Moments

Conversations with Rockford

Father and son

Just the two of us

Here are some funny and interesting conversations Mommy has overheard Daddy have with Rockford. 

Friday Funnies: Funny saying by Mama

17 Jun

Your Mama…

Says funny things too

woman jumping in the air
Super Mama
I usually take this time to share my son’s funnies, but this week I decided to share with you some of my own sayings (I did start writing these down too).  I thought maybe my sons will get a kick out of reading these when they are older and perhaps use them themselves. It’s Friday, have a chuckle.

Friday Funnies: Funny sayings by Rockford

13 May

Picture Funnies

A picture says a thousand words

father and son fall asleep on couch

Hards day night

 Ok today I wanted to do things a little differently letting the pictures do most of the talking. Have a laugh and enjoy.

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