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Remembering September 11th

11 Sep

A look back…

Mommy shares her Diary notes

Like many today, I too am thinking back at that infamous day that forever rocked our nation, redirected our priorities and shaped the future of our country,  September 11, 2001. I wanted to share pages of my diary with my sons that I wrote down just days after this event to read the actual thoughts as their mommy lived those moments.

Turbulance when flying…and I don’t mean the plane

2 May

Traveling with kids

Be prepared or be sorry

traveling on plane with kids

Hang in there Daddy we're landing soon

So how many brave souls out there have traveled with kids on a plane? I had never done this and much less for a cross-country non-stop flight having only hours to pack for a family of four. I learned a thing or two here from this experience so take notes and make sure your trip goes without a bump…bump…bump.

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Friday Funnies: Funny sayings by Rockford

22 Apr

Come fly with me

From NY to the White House

Rockford for President

Rock the Vote!

So what does Rockford want to be when he grows up? Three things to be exact and he tells you the order of them too…

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