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My Boys Bartering

26 May

Kids making business deals

Fair exchanges

boys smiling


My two-year old, Rocco,walks over to where I’m at , takes me by the hand to where he and his brother, Rockford, are having breakfast. He shows me he has finished all his sausages and gestures that he wants the ones sitting on Rockford’s plate. Without saying anything, he picks up his piece of nutri-grain bar from his own plate and hands it to Rockford. Rockford, in turn, places his sausages on Rocco’s plate. And just like that, my boys learned how to barter.

I guess I was called over to supervise their transaction. Who says it’s too early to learn Business 101 at home?

Click it or your mama gets a ticket

2 Jun

A meeting with a cop

Rockford makes a promise

cop car

El Cajon Police

 As a mom I hear myself ranting everyday things like, “Don’t do that!” “You have to!” “I said so!”  Well on a day when my son was whining in the backseat that he didn’t feel he should have to put on his car seat seatbelt, instead of just ranting off, I decided to get creative…so I borrowed the help of a cop.

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My very own hungry caterpillar…not really

23 May

Rockford Goes Green

A Lousy leaf eater


Eric Carle The Very Hungry Caterpillar

It's not easy being green

A couple of months ago when my son was obsessed with Eric Carle’s book, “The Very Hungry Caterpillar“, he decided to act out his inner caterpillar during our family outing…not very clever.

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