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Homeschooling Mom Fail

30 Oct

Homeschooling Mom Fail

parenting Parenting Homeschooling Mom Fail

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When you think you have it all together and your kid thinks you suck you got yourself a big fat “Mom Fail”.

One month into homeschooling and I apparently have not been doing as great as a job as I thought. Nothing ails a parent more than to see your child upset and when it’s your fault it’s even more disheartening.

Have you ever encountered this in parenting or in homeschooling? What happened and how did you handle with your child?

Friday Funnies From Rockford

17 Feb

Rockford Funnies

Love a kid’s funny perspective

smiling boy

All smiles

The other day I am driving into garage with boys in the backseat. As we approach to park we see Daddy working out…pause. We sit in car for a minute and stare.

Me: “Wow…Daddy is strong!”

Rockford: “Yeah…like me.” ūüôā


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Another Embarrasing Dr.Visit with my boys

27 Jul

Funny Dr. Visit

Kids make the mundane amusing

playing doctor
the lighter side of doctor visits

On this given occasion the¬†actual doctor visit went as ordinary as it could be with two toddlers. As we were getting ready to leave we opted to make a quick bathroom stop…looking back, I would have opted to wait to get home, but you be the judge.

Funny moments at the Bank and Walmart

19 Jul

Wild and Out

A Funny thing happened while out

cute little boys smiling

The funny moments these two bring

My sons really do bring excitement and funny to our otherwise mundane errands and outings. Come read how they made a bank employee uncomfortable and why mommy needed a change of clothes in Walmart.

Funny mommy moment at the mall

11 Jul

Shopping with my boys

Just another day at the mall

mommy and son

Mama stays calm and cool

Shopping for mommy with the kids can sometimes proof to be challenging. On this occasion it was, but to my surprise, I actually could laugh at myself while everyone else looked on disgusted.
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