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Funny boy talk from the bathroom

30 May

More talk from the potty

A boy’s anatomy

toddler smiling

About a boy’s anatomy

Sometimes my son says the funniest things, but when I think about it, it has more to do with his perspective than his sense of humor.

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Pooping in the Potty

24 May

In Praise of My Potty Pooper

He’s 4 and ready for more

bathroom toilet

Mission Accomplished

Now that Rockford is four he has given up his sippy cup and pooping in a diaper. He was determined to do this by four. So the other night I hear…


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MacGyver Mommy (a new series of practical tips)

25 May

Handy hand dryer

Not just for hands anymore

things are looking up
things are looking up for Rockford

At least once a week I head to the mall with my boys to have them release some energy (I highly recommend this).  On this given day, Rockford had a little accident and mommy got a little MacGyver. Come see a tip you might have to use on your next trip to the mall.

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