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Boys, Men and stupid competitions (Corona Beach Part 1)

31 Aug

Competitive Nature

Boys and Men and the bliss of competing


The gloating moment

While in Corona Beach in our family vacation, I learned a great deal about the family, fishing and something about the nature of boys and men…  the competitive nature.

How we celebrated Memorial Day

1 Jun

Celebrating Memorial Day

Starting family traditions

toddler with USA flag
God bless the USA

This was our first official year of commemorating Memorial Day with new family traditions. One of the many things I love about having my own little family is the new and fun traditions we can start. By instilling these traditions in our family I don’t only hope to create memories for my boys, but instill values in them. Let me share our Memorial Day traditions with you.

Friday Funnies: Funny sayings by Rockford

8 Apr

Boys love food

Would he rather have another sibling or a cookie?

little brother steals big brother food
“Hey that’s my food!”

Rockford is probably reconsidering having another sibling. What’s so bad about having another little sibling?  I’ll let him tell you about that and other thoughts on food… Continue reading

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