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Simple Pleasures (a new series)

28 Apr

Just an ordinary Day

Outside with my boys

little boy sees his shadow
watching your shadow

Well I have really taken to heart the concept of finding joy in the simple things in life. I am enjoying my view through the eyes of my toddlers and want to bring you a series I want to call simply…”Simple Pleasures”, how appropriate. So take note and start enjoying your simple moments in life they will live in your child’s memory forever.

Toddlers can teach us about Contentment

26 Apr

Finding Joy…in everything

Kids find FUN everywhere


little boy playing with carboard box

Picture by Getty

 You’ve probably heard this story or have lived it out, about a kid who gets a gift and finds joyful bliss playing with the box alone rather than the toy that came inside it. We can learn a thing a two from that scenario…

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A letter to my boys

23 Feb

A just because letter

I decided to write this letter to my sons today because I wanted them to know just how special they are.  Today we finally brought down the storage bin that contained my older son’s clothes for ages 12 -18 months. These clothes were to also be Rocco’s when he grew old enough or big enough to fit into them…that moment has come.

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