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Raising “Faith” Action Heroes

6 Apr

Boys are Doers  

“But be doers of the word, and not hearers only”

 James 1:22 

courtesy of thoughtsonparenting.com

Being a mother comes with its share of responsibility. Being a mother of boys has come with its share of unique responsibilities that never crossed my mind until my older son started growing up. I went nuts trying to figure out how we were going to instill all the qualities that make up good character. How would we do this before he hit eighteen? Continue reading

Boys vs Girls (Part 2)

28 Mar

Who is “More” Better?

picture by Google

We as adults can sure see some of the vast differences in our boys and girls, but wait till you hear what actual boys and girls see as their differences that they feel make them “more” better…

Continue reading

Boys vs. Girls (Part 1)

24 Mar

Who is “More” Better?

Both sexes are as different as day and night, is one better or easier to raise over the other?  Continue reading

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