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Stumped by my kid ??!@#$%

2 Mar

You want to know what?

When kids ask the darndest things

What the heck look


Has your kid ever asked you a question from left field where he/she leaves you stumped? Let me share a few of mine with you that I have had thanks to my three year old.

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Friday Funnies: Funny Sayings by Rockford

29 Jul

More Ramblings

Funny conversations with a toddler

park day for mom and son
Listening to his chats
Rockford recalls a story
“Mama remember when my arm hurt and you took me to the doctor and he gave me a funny picture (X-ray) of it and I laughed at him?”

Friday Funnies: Daddy and Rockford

15 Jul

Daddy Moments

Conversations with Rockford

Father and son

Just the two of us

Here are some funny and interesting conversations Mommy has overheard Daddy have with Rockford. 
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