Friday Funnies: Funny sayings by Rockford

8 Apr

Boys love food

Would he rather have another sibling or a cookie?

little brother steals big brother food
“Hey that’s my food!”

Rockford is probably reconsidering having another sibling. What’s so bad about having another little sibling?  I’ll let him tell you about that and other thoughts on food…


Daddy asks Rockford casually, “Rockford would you like mommy to have another baby?” Rockford quickly answers, “No.” Daddy follows up with a, “Why?” Rockford answers, “Because they’re too smelly.”




I had heard a conversation Daddy had with Rockford about having a new baby so I decided to pick his (Rockford’s) brain some more about it.

Me: “Rockford, what if we have a little girl. What should we name her?”

Rockford: “No, I don’t want a little girl, I want a big girl like Nana!”




Rockford: “I need to eat food, I’m coughing!”

Me: “Why do you need to eat?”

Rockford: “Because I’m coughing that means I’m hungry.”

Ok, I don’t know where I went wrong in teaching him how to discern hunger.




Rockford was having breakfast and he got up leaving his plate nearly full. He comes over to me and says, “It was too much for me,” while gesturing with his hand over his stomach that he was full. Then he quickly followed up with a, “but, I think a cookie will make me feel better.” Nice try kiddo.




The boys and I were in the bathroom while I was changing Rocco’s diaper.  I see Rockford pick up something from the floor and eat it.

Me: “Ewe Rockford, don’t eat that off the floor! What was that?”

Rockford: “A chocolate cookie.”

We’ve never had chocolate cookies in the house.



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