Friday Funnies: Funny sayings by Rockford

20 May

My little “big” boy

Size matters

Little boy sitting on chair

silly little boy

Rockford: “Mama Spider?”…so I decide to play along

Me: “Yes Little Spider”

Rockford: “Mama, you can call me Big Spider”

Midnight misguide

The other night Rockford woke up in the middle of the night and for some reason went upstairs (our rooms are downstairs). When Daddy went to get him Rockford turned to him sobbing and said, “I’m lost!”




Not so fast!

Rocco’s cry usually let’s me know he is up from a nap. While upstairs with Rockford we hear Rocco’s cries.

Rockford: “I get him.”




Parched kid

While reading a Spanish book to Rockford about a thirsty dog Rockford says, “He is thirsty cause he ate too much popcorn.”  We eat popcorn every night and apparently this makes Rockford very thirsty.




Only a “little” big

Rockford: “Nana, I’m three now. I’m a BIG Boy now!”

Nana: “How big is that?”

Rockford: (lifting his arms in the air) “Really Big!”

Nana: “Big enough to go poo poo in the big boy potty?”

Rockford: “Nana, I’m only a little big.”

  …yeah, still working on #2 with this one.




Weather Report

While outdoors having a lovely picnic with my boys, I struck up a weather conversation with Rockford.

Me: “What a beautiful day today. Rockford, tell me about the weather.”

Rockford: “Well, sometimes it rains and sometimes…”

I meant today’s weather, but I guess I wasn’t specific enough.






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  1. workmomad May 20, 2011 at 7:05 am #

    Those are cute! Thanks for sharing!


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