Starting 4th of July traditions for my boys

6 Jul

Family traditions

This will be our tradition boys

4th of July

Watching the fireworks

This 4th of July was going to be one of setting traditions for my family. Now that my older son is bigger we are trying to set holiday traditions that he can look back and always remember the good times with family, just like many of us do today.

The Barbecue

For fourth of July I wanted to have an All-American day. We started the day with a barbecue that consisted of hamburgers, hot dogs, chips and watermelon. The smell of it all cried out summer to me and I hope my boys reminisce of these days when they are older and having their own barbecues.

little boy eating hamburger

Hamburger bigger than him

While Rocco napped, we all ate until we were stuffed.
fruit watermelon

watermelon, the unofficial fruit of summer

I always attribute watermelon to summer because my parents always included them in our summer picnics.
pariotic ice cream sandwiches

Patriotic Ice cream sandwiches

Actually we forgot to eat these yummy desserts yesterday so we had them today after lunch…just as good.
Pool time
After a little rest time we headed down to our complex pool for some fun in the sun water splashing experience. Much to our dismay, Rockford wanted no part with the water. Just like when we are at the beach, he wanted his shoes and socks on and did not want to touch the water nor for the water to touch him. He always walked around giving orders on how we should swim, how we should kick, how we shouldn’t splash water and when we should leave and on and on. He earned himself the title Mr.Moody-Bosssy Pants.  He did make us laugh with some irrational comments he was making.
stop hand motion

"Stop it!" He yelled to Daddy splashing water.

Daddy playfully splashed water at Rockford and he did not like this at all. Rockford ranted, “If you do that again, I’m going to run away.” Overhearing this I interjected, “Where would you run away too?” He answered, “to the moon.” Having too much fun with this Daddy added, “ah, cool can you bring a moon rock?” I too added, “Oh cool so you’re going to be an astronaut!” Rockford picked up on our sarcasm and really tried not to smile, but he just couldn’t resist and with a fake frown broke out with a smile.

mom and sons

Rockford Mr.Moody-Bossy Pants looks on

A little later Daddy splashed him again and he started up again saying, “If you do that again I’m going to throw my shoes in the water!” Daddy added with a smile, “You’re going to walk home with no shoes?” Rockford clarified for Daddy, “With wet shoes?” Then I proceeded to clarify for him, “With NO shoes because we are not getting your shoes if you throw them in, you’ll have to go get them yourself.” Hearing this, Rockford quickly retracted his statement with a smile saying he would not throw them in the water.  Ah, humor, it makes parenting so much easier and fun.

mom kissing son

Mua! Love my boys.

Daddy and mommy had a great time with Rocco in the pool, splashing water around and enjoying the sun.

Fireworks Time!

Finally the moment of fireworks. We headed down to our nearest location to see the display of fireworks. This location happens to be a shopping center where we sit in front of a Target. People bring their lawn chairs and snacks as they take in the show. We set up a picnic area in a parking lot island and waited. As we waited we listened to patriotic songs and ate snacks.

little boy watching on

fascinated with the fireworks

When the show finally started Rockford immediately became frighten demanding we head home. I just held him close to me and assured him it was going to be ok and that the fireworks were going to be awesome. He did quickly become interested in all the vibrant firework colors and would call out, “oh that one’s mine!” As we listened to patriotic music and took in the beautiful scenery of the sparkling fireworks I took a moment to take it all in and was so grateful for our country and so blessed to be able to raise my children in a land where we are free to worship and speak about our God, Jesus Christ. 

little boy looks on

Taking in the show

Towards the end of the show, Rocco started walking closer towards the fireworks and watched them mesmerized by it all. At the end of the show he stood there clapping with delight and a big grin on his face. He really did enjoy the fireworks show at one year of age. Rockford is three and barely handled it this year, but that’s just another way my boys are so different and so special to me.

little boy watches fireworks

Rocco watches intently

What a day of gratitude for our country and a day for making family memories for our children. I am grateful for the mutual desires my husband and I have for raising our boys, setting family traditions and making the best family memories for our boys. Thank you Lord for this great country and for our family.
Have a Wonderful Wednesday!!!

2 Responses to “Starting 4th of July traditions for my boys”

  1. workmomad July 6, 2011 at 4:48 am #

    It shounds like y’all had a wonderful day! That’s great! Have you tried water shoes for Rockford? Wal-Mart definitely carries them, and Target might, but I don’t know about sizes. He might be okay with the water if he could have something on his feet.


  2. Training Up My Boys July 6, 2011 at 12:16 pm #

    I will look into that Nancy. It can’t hurt right? I am beginning to think Rockford is just going to be special in so many ways lol. Thanks again.

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