Funny mommy moment at the mall

11 Jul

Shopping with my boys

Just another day at the mall

mommy and son

Mama stays calm and cool

Shopping for mommy with the kids can sometimes proof to be challenging. On this occasion it was, but to my surprise, I actually could laugh at myself while everyone else looked on disgusted.

Having kids has not deterred me from doing things I love to do…like shopping. A couple of weeks ago we were at the mall where I take my boys to run around and play in the play area. As we were heading down the mall back to our car, I noticed a shoe sale and stopped to look around. My younger son Rocco was asleep in the stroller and Rockford was not tired nor fussy so I felt fairly confident about entering the store.

While looking around I became easily distracted by the plethora of beautiful shoes: strappy heels, pumps, lacy heels, boots, sandals, ankle boots, on and on. I was lost in shoe land. Meanwhile, Rockford had made himself at home at the store’s corner window looking out. No sooner did one of the employees come over to ask me to remove him from there since he was comfortably mounted on their  shoes display by the window.  I immediately asked Rockford to come stand near me, to which he did, taking the longest most creative detour throughout the store (crawling under the display tables of course).  There I was, trying to try on a pair of shoes with one eye on my feet and one eye on Rockford. Thank god the shoes were splendid and I took the first two pair I tried on.

By the time I finished trying on the second pair, Rocco had made his appearance, up from his nap.  I quickly grabbed the pairs of shoes I opted for, got hold of the stroller, called out to Rockford and made a dash for the register. I haphazardly took out my wallet searching for my debit card. All the while, Rocco is climbing out of the stroller and Rockford is announcing he has to go pee! I quickly but calmly sit Rocco down in the stroller and buckled him, I put on an “emergency” diaper on Rockford, but for some reason felt it was on wrong. To my surprise, the teenage workers that had been policing my son the entire time were nowhere to be found.  Finally, minutes later one of them retrieves from the back walking towards the register looking uninterested in her job. By now Rocco is screaming because he wants out of the stroller and Rockford starts calling out, “I’m peeing on myself!” I knew I had put that diaper on wrong darn. I look at the cashier half laughing half embarrassed and say, “you might want to take out the caution sign, we had an accident here.” Her co-worker very apathetically comes over with napkins and starts throwing them on floor and asks, “It’s water right?” I look back and her with a smile and say, ‘Oh no, it’s pee.”  At this point I am calming both kids down, telling Rockford we would change his clothes soon and taking Rocco out of his stroller. Everyone in the store is looking at us with a gaze of disappointment and disgust, including the workers. I couldn’t help it, my knee-jerk reaction was to laugh at the situation. I thought it was funny and thought that if they were parents they too would see the humor in this.

Moments like these are best accompanied by a sense of humor. I love outings with my kids and understand not every outing is going to go without a hiccup. Some days are better than others. Nonetheless, the way one as a parent handles a situation will make an impression on the child. I would rather my child remember how mommy laughed at these scenarios and remained calmed than seeing a stressed out mom filled with embarrassment and anxiety. Maybe to others this would be classified as an embarrassing moment, but for this calm, cool and collected mama, I say laugh!

Blessing to you all!


6 Responses to “Funny mommy moment at the mall”

  1. Erika July 11, 2011 at 7:42 am #

    I Love this perspective on Mommyhood it’s what I have embraced now too.. i used to be soo worried about what others thought or gee my kids are embarrassing.. .but that’s not the case I love having a sense of humor! Saves me everyDay!! and I am really glad u said it’s pee thats soo funny haha! hey they got ur business whats the big deal!?? 🙂 all those People who judge we will never see again..and even if we do.. the impression we make on our children lasts forever. ❤

    • Training Up My Boys July 11, 2011 at 12:58 pm #

      I am glad your perspective has changed Erika and you can laugh at yourself. I can always spot a veteran mom and a newbie mom by their reaction under pressure. I say go with it and relax, but only time and experience will give you that confidence to really not give a care lol. Thanks for your input and sense of humor 🙂

  2. workmomad July 11, 2011 at 1:38 pm #

    You did well; there are, however, moments when it is beneficial to lose it or you truly will go insane!


  3. Maegan Davis July 12, 2011 at 10:58 am #

    So did you end up buying the shoes? Great story Kevin and I both laughed and so true when it comes to shopping with kids, half the time I don’t even bother.

    • Training Up My Boys July 12, 2011 at 11:40 am #

      Yes of course I bought my shoes Maegan. All that and no shoes would have been a disaster lol. I bought two cute pairs. Actually one of the pairs I am actually wearing on this post picture. I love them and you know what? I would do it over again 😉 I am glad you guys enjoyed it 🙂


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