Friday Funnies: Funny Sayings by Rockford

2 Sep

Funny camping sayings

This kid says the darndest things

boys walking by the beach

Only a boy named Rockford...

As we are in the borderline getting ready to cross to the United States I ask Rockford, “Rockford if the border patrol agent asks you where you were born what are you going to say?” He answers from the backseat with certainty, “In Mama’s belly!”
Missing Target
The entire time while we were in Corona Beach Rockford kept insisting, “Can we go to Target to buy a black diesel and purple train?”  I replied to him, “There are no Targets here in Mexico.” So he followed up with, “Then I want to go back to California.”
Irritating eyes
The first day at the beach Daddy put sunblock on the kids and some of it got into Rockford’s eyes so he kept crying and was very upset about this. Daddy tried and tried to clean it out and kept asking him, “Do you see better? Can you see better now?” Finally, nothing Daddy would do could alleviate the irritation.  Rockford was a little confused by this because as he walked and rubbed his eyes, instead of saying his eyes were hurting, he kept saying, “I can’t see better, I can’t see better!” Poor kid.
A very special lady
While eating at a local taco shop, Rockford seemed to really enjoy the food as he leaned over to me while eating his meal and said, “Mama that lady cooks very special.”  Enough said, I agreed.
And his favorite part was…
As we started our drive back home, Rockford went around asking everyone, “What was your favorite part Mama”…”and what was your favorite part Daddy?”…”and what was Rocco’s favorite part?”  Finally I asked him, “What was your favorite part of the trip Rockford.” He happily answered, “My favorite part was nothing.” 
Have a great Labor Day Week-End All!!!

2 Responses to “Friday Funnies: Funny Sayings by Rockford”

  1. Mommylili September 2, 2011 at 8:21 am #

    HAHAHA…..”my favorite part was nothing.”. Sounds like he was trying to figure out why this was supposed to be fun. After all, the poor kid couldn’t see beter! LOL! He cracks me up 😀

  2. workmomad September 7, 2011 at 7:37 pm #

    Did he mean he didn’t like any of it, or did he mean that he couldn’t decide which of it was his favorite?


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