Pooping in the Potty

24 May

In Praise of My Potty Pooper

He’s 4 and ready for more

bathroom toilet

Mission Accomplished

Now that Rockford is four he has given up his sippy cup and pooping in a diaper. He was determined to do this by four. So the other night I hear…


As I am finally resting upstairs I hear my husband downstairs.

Rocky:  “Raquel!”
Me: “What is it?” 
Rocky: “Rockford wants you to see his poop before he flushes the toilet” (Daddy helped Rockford after his poop)
Me: “NO! I don’t need to see it! Just flush it!”
Rocky: “He won’t let me.”
Rockford: “Mom! You need to come down and see it before I flush it. It looks like a corn on the cob!”
Me: “Fine!”

Yes, you suck it up and see the poop, praise your kid for doing a great job in the “toilet”…and make him flush it immediately!

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