Give mommies a break

7 Mar


What’s missing here?

Picture this mommy, you and your family are seated in a restaurant and you have an infant latched on to you feeding and your toddler that just pooped. You look to your husband for relief and he gladly escorts the toddler to the bathroom…only to return seconds later. “What happened?” you ask.

He answers, “there is no baby changer in the men’s restroom”. So you have to earnestly remove a hungry infant from you, fix yourself up, make your way out of the booth you carefully maneuvered yourself into, get hold of your toddler’s hand and make your way to the women’s restroom where you are sure to find a baby changer.

Has this ever happen to you? I am not here to preach from the feminist agenda, which to be quite frank, I can’t believe haven’t made this a national issue for concern. I do actually believe this is an inconvenience not just to mommies but daddies too. This use to be a big issue when my husband would take our now almost 3 year-old son on daddy dates and our son was still in diapers. What are daddies to do when they are out with their infant and there are no “family restrooms”?

I know most malls have tackled this issue and are now providing these family restrooms, but I would love to see “family” restaurants adopt this idea too.  I was surprised to actually come across this picture taken at the Baltimore airport that although humourous (notice the picture of the stick figure doing the changing of the diaper), is at least paving the way for others to follow. This would make a family outing a little more relaxed for mommies out there that, let’s face it, need a little break from changing one more diaper.

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Picture by Corey O., Monique P., and eaglevision

2 Responses to “Give mommies a break”

  1. mommylili March 10, 2011 at 9:04 am #

    Good point. Although most of the time out of convinience if mom is around. But very needed when mom is not around. Kind of like a dad who out with his little girl. He can’t bring her in the men’s room and he can’t go in the women’s room to make sure she’s ok, so he nervously waits outside hopping she’s ok (specially when they’re under 4)

    Mark’s solution when him and Sophia went to Disneyland by themselfs for her birthday (5 yrs old, I think)was to equip her with a walkie talkie. Made Sophia feel like daddy was still there in case of anything =)

    • Training Up My Boys March 11, 2011 at 2:06 pm #

      Walkie talkie huh? Very clever. I guess it’s different for a mom letting her little boy go into a bathroom by himself. NO WAY, IT AIN’T HAPPENING! I don’t care how ridiculous he may feel in the Woman’s restroom. This is one of those cases where it would differ from boy and girl (letting them go to a bathroom without you). I would first make my son pee in a bush then to go to a bathroom by himself. Anywho, Does Mark miss those days with his little girl?

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