Friday Funnies: Funny sayings by Rockford

4 Mar

Rockford really does say the darndest things sometimes…


Rockford talking to himself out loud, “I have a big poo poo cause I’m a big boy and I don’t like little poo poo cause I’m not a little boy.”



Daddy was cleaning up Rockford from a poop mess and said, “Yuck Rockford you have diarrhea!” Rockford replied, “No I’m a dinosaur.”



I asked Rockford what Veggies Tales movie he wanted to see and I laid them in front of him and he asked, “can I move them? I want to touch them to see which one I want to see.” He continues to check them out (he has seen all 3 of them a million times). Then he methodically uses process of eliminations, “I know I don’t want to see this one (gives it to me) not this one either…this one I want to see.”



Rockford passed gas while having breakfast. I looked at him as to say, “what do you say,” and he followed up with a, “Let it Rip!”



I hear Rocco screaming in the kitchen and I look and see Rockford recklessly pulling on his shirt to stop him from moving forward. I call out for Rockford to stop it and to let go of his shirt.  After complying I called him over and asked him, “was that a nice thing to do?” He replied, “no”. I followed up with a, “would you like someone to do that to you?” again, “no.” So finally I asked, “so why would you do that to him?”  With a smirk he answered, “Because it was funny.”



At the museum on Tuesday Rockford and another boy were left in the Thomas toy train set. The other boy’s mom asked Rockford, “Hey buddy what you think about cleaning these toys up?” Rockford with a serious face looks at her and says, “I don’t think so.”




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