Friday Funnies: Funny sayings by Rockford

18 Mar

A Boy’s World

This week Rockford was all about the outdoors world, our backyard. My bedroom has a glass sliding door and opens to the backyard. I had let Rockford go outside while I ready myself. No sooner do I get into my room when I see branches and twigs lying  on the floor. ..

My hand-picked branches and twigs

Me:    “Rockford, what are you doing?!”

Rockford: “I’m doing my homework.”

Me: “You don’t have any homework”

Rockford: “What’s homework?”

Me: “When you go to school  the teacher gives you work that you have to complete at home.”

Rockford: “I want to go to school.”




Rockford rushes inside the house with an outside dirty toy shouting, “I need grass!”  He rolled it on the carpet. “I need grass so I can do this.” So I directed him to the backyard to the nearest grass. There he rolled it over the grass with a smile. Funny, he used this same toy to learn how to walk (indoors) and packed it with books, now he’s a “Big Boy” and needs it for “Big Boy” things.



I was getting ready in the bathroom and Rockford was still playing outside. He came inside the bathroom and placed a smelly weed in the counter.

Me: “What’s that, is that a weed?”

Rockford: “Here, I found a flower for you! It’s so pretty and shiny and wonderful.”




After receiving the “wonderful” flower from Rockford I continued to get ready and a couple of minutes later he shows up in the bathroom again.  With his hands behind his back he says,”I found a special treasure.” Then he put his hand in front of me and opened it. It was a dirty filthy rock. Somehow, in his eyes it was a “special treasure”.





A couple of days ago I opened a container with chicken in it. The immediate smell it released was a little foul.  My husband asked, “what’s that smell?” I replied, “It’s the chicken.”  Yesterday, after finally making his way inside the house Rockford walks in the dining room.

Rockford: “Ewe, you farted!”

Me: “No, I didn’t fart.”

Rockford: “It was the chicken?”

He must have heard our conversation. A couple of minutes later…

Me: “Rockford did you go poop?”

Rockford: “No, it’s the chicken.”

As it turns out, he had stepped on cat poop outside and still had some on the bottom of his shoe.

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