Friday Funnies: Funny sayings by Rockford

25 Mar

Funny Bones

Rockford is no doctor, but he ain’t shy about giving his own diagnosis…

I hear Rocco crying and Rockford runs to me and announces, “He hit the hammer with his head, but I told him it was an accident so he can stop crying.” By the way, this was a small wooden toy hammer no need to get paranoid.


This week Rockford suffered from what we think is an elbow joint dislocation.  While at the doctor’s office, Daddy explained to him what is underneath the skin (his bone and stuff) and what could have caused this. This morning I asked him if he could raise his arm and he did, if he could squeeze with his hand and he did, if he could bend his arm and he replied, “No! there’s bones in there!”


Rockford asked me to get his toy cars from inside my car in the back seat. Because it was raining and I can only get to that side of the car by opening the garage door, I opted to maneuver myself through the driver’s seat to get back there. Seeing me slide to the back of the car Rockford said, “Mama what are you doing? You’re not a snake.”


This morning while contemplating my plan of action for the day and packing the kids’ snack pack, I must have been “in the zone” with a look of seriousness because Rockford looked at me and said, “Mama, why are you so grumpy?” Note to self: Gotta get a new “thinking” face.



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