Boys vs Girls (Part 2)

28 Mar

Who is “More” Better?

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We as adults can sure see some of the vast differences in our boys and girls, but wait till you hear what actual boys and girls see as their differences that they feel make them “more” better…

I always knew that boys and girls were different, but was dumbfounded to read Bringing up Boys by Dr. James Dobson and learn about the  in-depth physical phenomena that occurs only in boys–wont be getting into that today. In this book too, there is a very brave and outspoken nine-year old girl who aims to settle the score between boys and girls and sent in to Dr. Dobson (Focus on the Family President at the time) a list of why girls are better than boys. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

GIRLS ARE MORE BETTER THAN BOYS (written in her own wording and typos)

  1. girls chew gum with their mouths closed
  2. girls have better hand writing
  3. girls sing better
  4. girls are more talented
  5. girls can do their hair better
  6. girls cover their mouths when they sneeze
  7. girls don’t pick their nose
  8. girls go to the bathroom politely (What is that about?)
  9. girls learn faster
  10. girls are more kinder to animals
  11. girls don’t smell as bad (I like that she added “as much”)
  12. girls are more smarter
  13. girls get more things what they want
  14. girls don’t let stinkers as much
  15. girls are more quieter (She hasn’t met me)
  16. girls don’t get as durty
  17. girls are cleaner
  18. girls are more attractive
  19. girls don’t each as much
  20. girls walk more politely
  21. girls aren’t as strict
  22. girls sit more politely
  23. girls are more creative
  24. girls look better than boys
  25. girls comb their hair better
  26. girls shave more
  27. girls put on deoderant on more often
  28. girls don’t have as much bodyordor
  29. girls don’t want their hair messed up
  30. girls like to get more tan
  31. girls have more manners

It’s rebuttal time…

After hearing what this young girl had written and gotten published in Focus on the Family’s monthly newsletter, there was a backlash from people who thought this was unfair that only one side (girls) was allowed to write such things. To even the score, Dr. Dobson welcomed boys to submit their opinion of girls and this was a summary of what he accumulated.

WHY BOYS ARE MORE BETTER THAN GIRLS  (written in their own wording and typos)

  1. Boys can sit in front of a scary movie and not close their eyes once
  2. Boys don’t have to sit down every time they go
  3. Boys don’t get embarrassed easily
  4. Boys can go to the bathroom in the woods (or on the side of the car on emergencies 🙂
  5. Boys can climb trees better
  6. Boys can hang on their stomachs on fast rides
  7. Boys don’t worry about “diet-this” and “diet-that”
  8. Boys are better tractor drivers than girls
  9. Boys rite better than girls (ha ha ha how ironic)
  10. Boys can build better forts than girls
  11. Boys can take pain better than girls
  12. Boys are way more cooler
  13. Boys have less fits
  14. Boys don’t waste their life at the mall
  15. Boys aren’t afraid of reptiels
  16. Boys shave more than girls (refer to girls #26)
  17. Boys don’t do all those wiggaly  movnets when they walk
  18. Boys don’t scratch
  19. Boys don’t brade another’s hair
  20. Boys aren’t smart alickes
  21. Boys don’t cry and feel sorry when they kill a fly
  22. Boys don’t use as mutch deoderent
  23. Boys were created first
  24. Boys learn to make funny noises with their armpits faster
  25. Boys can tie better knots–specially girls pony tails
  26. Boys get to blow up more stuff
  27. Without boys there would be no babies
  28. Boys eat  with a lot of heart (tell me about it)
  29. Boys don’t WINE
  30. Boys hum best
  31. Boys are proud of  their odor
  32. Boys don’t cry over a broken nail
  33. Boys don’t need to ask for directions
  34. Boys aren’t clichish
  35. Boys don’t hog the phone
  36. Boys aren’t shopacholics (I can’t argue with this one)
  37. Boys bait their own hook when they fish
  38. Boys don’t hang panty hose all over the bathroom
  39. Boys don’t wake up with bad hair (my son’s hair looks like Elvis when he wakes up)
  40. Boys don’t take two million years to get ready
  41. Boys couldn’t care less about Barby
  42. Boys don’t have to have 21 pairs of shoes, three for every day of the week!!!
  43. Boys don’t put a tub of makeup on all the time
  44. Boys don’t care if their noses aren’t perfect
  45. Boys respect everything and everyone including GIRLS! (how chivalrous)

Exert was derived from Dr. James Dobson’s book Bringing up Boys

4 Responses to “Boys vs Girls (Part 2)”

  1. kbomb78 March 28, 2011 at 9:03 am #

    Great Post I love this! Having one of each I will say my Girl is a lot harder than my Boy ever was. at least at this point but I’m pretty much up the creek with both My son says he Pre Teen and my daughter is 3 going on 15! LOL

    • Training Up My Boys March 28, 2011 at 11:46 pm #

      Oh no don’t tell me that I was hoping for my next one to be a girl and my husband is already freaked out about having a girl since he is a high school teacher and works with them. I guess do mature faster than boys?

  2. Amy Dunbar March 28, 2011 at 10:53 am #

    As a mother of a two-year-old, reading number 29 on the boys list made me laugh. Boys don’t wine??? That must happen later in life. My little man was great about not whining until his baby brother was born. Then, he saw that crying resulted in affection … so, now he ‘fake’ cries and whines to get his way (Not that I give in, but he still does it.)

    Great Post!

    • Training Up My Boys March 28, 2011 at 11:48 pm #

      Thank you so much for stopping by Amy. You know I have a soon to be 3 year old and I do hear what you are saying because he too can get a little “babyish” when he notices the baby getting more attention anything from whinning to “hey look at me!”. Boys are fun aren’t they? And good for you “not giving in” it’s tough for me sometimes. Keep it up mommy!

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