He can get jiggy with it!

5 Apr

"Take a picture of me Mama!"

With kids, we have to stay on our toes for they embarrass us. I’ve had my share in the public arena. I am glad that on this occasion, it was only at home…

A couple of weeks ago Rockford kept asking me what we were going to do on that given day. He is adamant about his schedule of events and always wants to know what is going to happen on every given day. I wanted to keep him guessing so I decided to have a little fun with him. I started to say to him, “I’m gonna tell you what we are going to do today.” I walk over and he asks, “What? What are we doing today?” Then I start dancing and chanting, “I’m gonna break it down, break it down for you.” I start doing a funky dance moving my knees and arms (which I will never showcase in public). A little confused and interested he interestedly asks, “gonna go pee pee?” Classic example of why you don’t try dancing in front of your kids.

So I thought since I can (or wont) showcase my dance move who better than Mr.Coolness to do it for you. I mean after all he does ask me several times a day, “record me, record me!” Wow this is the new generation of kids. I knew he liked singing but I didn’t know he liked to dance.

If you hear closely you can hear a song in the background that goes, “Encourage one another and build each other UP! Build each other UP! Build each other UP!  I note this because I want to give him kudos for his choreography that goes well with the song. His little brother Rocco is also in this video and I guess you can say is the back up…wayyyyy back.This cracks me up every time I see it and I hope it makes you laugh on this given day.  By the way, I have yet to find out where he gets those moves from.

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