Hit the road High Chair

12 Apr

Buh bye Baby equipment

Hello toddler gear

infant high chair

R.I.P. high chair...in storage

My ten month old son, Rocco, has recently been showing signs of dislike of  his high chair, but yesterday was his final “act” of defiance. I got the point…

My cute and curious boy has been squirmy on his infant chair the last couple of weeks, usually maneuvering his way out of the seat buckles. Yes, I said his seat buckles and would stand on his seat. We started calling him Baby Houdini. He always sees his big brother eating at a table and sitting on a chair and I think he started getting curious about what that would be like and wanted to be off his chair to find out.

His stunts have included standing up on his seat and turning around on his seat to grab one of the dining room chairs and start biting on it (or should I say drooling on it). Yesterday however, he managed to wiggle his way out of the seat buckles again, stand on the chair and climb over the tray. I just about flipped witnessing this! I ran over to take him off the chair tray and immediately knew we had to move to Plan B. Bring on Plan B.

children table

Hello Plan B

In moving Rocco to Rockford’s little children table (before we had anticipated to do so), we had to promote Rockford to our dining room table to sit with us. We used the whole, “You’re gonna be 3 and you’re gonna be a big boy” hype.  He bought it and now we are three on the adults table. He enjoys eating with…and loves having his food high enough where his little brother can’t reach.

Adapting to the child chair and table

So how did Rocco’s transition to the big boy table go? Take a look for yourself.

infant sitting on chair eating

toddler sitting on chair

toddler turning around on chair

little boy raising his hand

cute smiling toddler

He transitioned pretty well, if you can’t already tell. I still can’t believe how fast my little boy is growing, too fast I think. Can you blame him, he is watching his big brother run, jump and climb everyday. Oh no, another rambunctious boy, am I ready for that? As another piece of baby equipment is stored away, I am hit with the reality that my baby is becoming a boy and ready or not, here he comes!

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