My Son Makes the 5 O’ Clock News

14 Apr

Lights! Camera! Action!

My little boy hits the small screen

little boy with iPhone

news shot

 I get a call from local news reporter Larry Himmel that he would like to interview my son about his “above average” abilities. My first worry, “Oh my, I need to clean my house, it will be on the news!”

Wednesday morning came and Mr. Himmel arrived at our doorstep. Rockford is only familiar with one Larry, as in Bob and Larry from “Veggie Tales”, so it was only natural for his first question to Mr. Himmel to be, “Where’s Bob?”  Well Mr.Himmel and Rockford hit it off right away. As a mom I really appreciated the manner in which he approached and interacted with my son. He was animated, excited and a good listener to him. Rockford loved having him there.

The entire interview was entertaining for my husband and me. Rockford was wired and all ham. We were surprised to see this side of him with strangers, but then again, as Mr. Himmel states in his story, get a camera out and Rockford will perform for you. Get out a news camera size and he’ll probably climb the walls for you, it seemed. He really did enjoy himself and as a mom, I enjoyed watching him carry on.

My house as you will see, did manage to look civil for the time they were here. However, the Rockford turnado did hit immidiately after their departure.  So attached to him he was Rockford asked only minutes after they left, “Where’s Mr. Larry? I wanted to show him this.” He wanted to show him two of his Cars figures. Yes, we know where this is headed and if you are new to this blog, I’ll add the article to share this with you “Rockford’s love language…Cars”.

What’s next for my little Rockstar?

Well, I would like to get him to poop in the potty before turning three and eat three entire meals a day. That would be impressive to mommy and daddy, but maybe not make the news. To others he might seem genius, amazing, or prodigy, but to us he is just our toddler who we are trying to train up in the Lord’s way to be the man He created Him to be. Yes, I believe God made him this way for a reason, a reason yet unknown to us now.  My role in his life is to continue raising him to be a well-mannered, good character, God-fearing boy. 

Stay tuned


Rockford with news crew


Curious to see his recording


Chatting with reporter


little boy with iPhone

news shot

2 Responses to “My Son Makes the 5 O’ Clock News”

  1. Amy Dunbar April 14, 2011 at 11:49 am #

    Just watched the Newsfeed. So cute! Rockford is crazy smart! What Iphone apps does he use? Carson has a big world map puzzle that we play with all the time; I need to get a U.S. map puzzle like the one in the video.

    • Training Up My Boys April 14, 2011 at 1:42 pm #

      Hey Amy. Loved your post today, but I am sure you already know that 🙂 The iPhone apps that he loves are “Stack the States” and “Stack the Countries” you might have to do the games with him if he doesn’t already read. That’s great puzzles are a great way to get them familiar with geography of states, countries and continents. Amazing how quickly and how much kids can retain. I feel like I am learning this along with him (yikes!). Also, Rockford has learned tons with music. My number one thing to do is always try to find a song for it, “continents son”, “phonics song”, “states and capitals songs”, “presidents song”. At least for my kid that has been the glue with everything he is learning. I hope this is helpful to you and other moms. Blessings.

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