Friday Funnies: Funny sayings by Rockford

15 Apr

Funny Cutie Pie

I sometimes find it hard not to laugh

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Nana is MIA

Sunday morning and we are trying to get a hold of Nana (my mother-in-law). We call her house phone, cell phone and text her to no avail. My husband turns to me and says, “I can’t find her.” A couple of minutes later Rockford looks at me and with a concern look says, “Nana’s lost.” 

Nana Needs Me!

Rockford loves his Nana and it is evident as he always asks us to take him to her house.

Rockford: “I need to go to Nana’s house!”

Me: “Tomorrow you will go.”

Rockford: “No, I need to go today!”

Me: “Why do you need to go today?”

Rockford: “Because Nana is sad and she needs me.”

What a dramatic kid with an imagination. Nana had told him  she’d be picking him up the next day for ice cream. Somehow, he forgot we were listening to that conversation with him.


Persistent and Charming

Here we go again, Rockford asked Daddy about going to Nana’s house again that same evening. Daddy said, “No, tomorrow you will go.” Then my persistent son goes over to the chair I was sitting, caresses my hair and gently turns my face and starts, “Mama–” Daddy knowing full well where this statement was going, turns to him, but before he could start his sentence, Rockford interrupts him, “Shh Dada, I’m, talking to Mama now.” He turns to me and continues, “Mama can I go tot Nana’s house?” Trying hard not to laugh (because that would be wrong) by what just had happened, I kindly answered, “No, tomorrow you will go.”  Gotta hand it to the kid, he is charming and determined.


Rockford the Rockstar

Rockford asked me–let’s be honest, he didn’t ask me, he calls out “Record me! Record me!”  so like every loving mother I recorded him. He sings his little song and again like every loving mom I say, “Good job!”  He immediately wants to see the video. “I wanna see it! I wanna see it!” As he watches it he notices he can barely hear himself singing, but since mom was holding the camera you can hear me loud and clear. He then turns to me and with a stern look scolds me, “Why are you loud? Why do you say ‘GOOD JOB!’?” Well excuse me for talking in the middle of his production! I would say, “Next time you want to be recorded do it yourself,” but he probably would and then post it on Facebook.


The boy blushes

On Monday on a local morning tv show they showcased Rockford’s  YouTube video of him rapping the Presidents. At the end of the clip the show’s host makes a comment like, “…what a cutie pie!”  Rockford, being the Rockford-video-aholic that he is, saw the clip several times and once when he didn’t know we were listening said,“I’m a cutie pie?” This made my boy blush.


Thanks for stopping by. I hope you had a great laugh. I know I always do living with Rockford.  Do you have a great funny story or saying? Would you like to share it with the world (ok, maybe about 11 other people who read my blog if I am being honest)? Send it to and it will be included in one of the next “Friday Funnies”.


HAPPY FRIDAY ALL!! Keep coming back.

One Response to “Friday Funnies: Funny sayings by Rockford”

  1. mommylili April 15, 2011 at 7:55 am #

    LOL…”Nana is lost”….. that’s my favorite one =D Hmmmm, how pursuasive will he be when he wants to borrow the car???? =O Be ready mom!!! Have a great weekend!!

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