Child’s Play…not that easy

11 May

Play time is Show time

My son shows me how to play

Monster trucks Cars theme

Lined up for play time

Every kid has their own way of expressing and communicating what they want and inevitably demand their need to be met without waver.  Though my son is laid back and down to earth, heaven forbid I don’t do exactly as he directs when we are playing cars. Come, be amused…or reminded of your own experience when playing with your kid.

I love you mama, now learn

poem from my son

Mothers Day poem

This was given to me on Sunday by my son (a Sunday school Mothers Day project) wrapped like a little scroll tied with a ribbon and a tulle sack with Hershey’s kisses inside, simply beautiful. Now, let’s take a closer look at a very insightful line that reads, “You feed me and need me to teach you to play“. Now this would have been great to have on Saturday (the day before) when I had a miscommunication episode with my son.

What we’ve got here is a failure to communicate.

For Rockford’s birthday we went to a Disney store and let him pick out his own gift. After about half an hour he came across–wouldn’t you know it, more Cars action figures. When we arrived home he immediately wanted to start playing with them and managed to convince me to play with him. Of course, not without first handing me the car I was to play with and directing  me on how I was to play with him and his cars.  I just couldn’t resist and had to document it on video to fully illustrate it to him later.  See for yourself.

So I guess the operative words when playing with a child is “show me” as oppose to “what do you mean?” I remember when Rockford was barely saying audible words and Daddy and I had a challenging time understanding what he was saying and how to appease him. In order to avoid a frustrated child, we quickly learned the value of saying, “show me”. Rockford would then proceed to show us what he was trying to communicate to us. When I saw Rockford begin to get frustrated in this earlier scenario, I quickly recalled those same key words and guess what, they still work. I have to say, after that miscommunication hiccup, as you can see in th video, I had one happy camper and we continued  to play amicably.

What is something you have learned along the way your parenting journey that you can kindly pass along to this mommy and other mommies out there.


2 Responses to “Child’s Play…not that easy”

  1. workmomad May 11, 2011 at 8:44 am #

    Never let your child catch you throwing out a picture of theirs! 🙂


  2. IncidentalDomestic May 12, 2011 at 11:24 pm #

    “Show me” — magic words, I agree. We are at that stage with our youngest who is not quite talking yet. She talks a lot, I just don’t understand much of it at this point.

    One thing I use regularly is “Say ‘Yes Momma.'” Most times, if I can get them to say this, it pushes in the “Obey” button (if there is such a thing, I’m sure it’s right next to the “Easy” button). Especially works with my toddler who will be 2-years-old this month.

    When I give her a task or a command, and she doesn’t say “Yes Momma” I know she has no plans to obey. So I get her attention, sometimes I have to go to her, hold her hands in mine and place them on my cheeks — then as she’s looking at me with our noses almost touching, I gently but firmly repeat my command and I say “Say Yes, Momma” and at that point usually she does and then she’ll go do whatever it is I told her to do. And then of course then I praise her for obeying.

    The hands on the cheeks thing also really helps when you have a distracted 2-year-old on your hands.

    -Jennifer P.


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