Feliz dia de las Madres (Mexican Mother’s Day)

10 May

10 de mayo

Feliz dia de las Madres Mama

Mexican mother's day
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It’s the crack of dawn yet I feel compelled to write a short and sweet letter to my Mexican mother on her special day…Mexican Mother’s Day.

Dear Mom… Ok she doesn’t speak English and she doesn’t even know how to use a computer but when I call her today in her home in Guadalajara, Mexico, I’ll tell her about this letter I wrote to her.
Dear Mom,
First off, I know you celebrate Mother’s day on both American and Mexican’s days (she lived in America for 33 years). I did call you on Sunday, but you didn’t answer or maybe you still haven’t figured out that call waiting feature on your phone. Either way, I didn’t forget about you and wanted so dearly to say Happy Mother’s Day to you.
Ok so thank God I get a reprieve because now it’s Mexican’s Mother’s Day and I sent you a Facebook message with your son that lives with you so I am sure (I hope) you will get it.  I have credited my calling Skype account so it is ready to be used.
Mom, I don’t know if I have ever been so blunt to tell you the imprint you have made in my life, how you served as a mother, wife and caregiver role model for me in many ways.  They say you come to a marriage with tools that are picked up from your own upbringing, in this case the tools I saw you use in your marriage and your child rearing. I am not naive to know that no mother is perfect, but I want to honor you and remind you of all the good you did. You brought me to the Lord, you remained a loyal and faithful wife to my father, you stayed home to raise your kids and all this is honorable and noteworthy.  These pillars of life that are imprints in my life are now manifesting in my own home. You raised me to be all lady with good manners and proper etiquette. Kids nowadays don’t exemplify this, but I’ll make sure your grandkids do.  You have remained supportive and loving as the first memory I have of you. Maybe I wasn’t your “favorite” (as no mom will ever admit this), but at least you made me feel like it.

Mom, my brother Ruben, Dad and me

Another valuable impression you made on me was the great team you and Dad made when it came to the kids. You nursed us, cleaned us, fed us and Dad would take all eight of us to trips…perhaps to give you a break. Either way, we kids had a great time.  The trips, picnics, and family parties will remain in my memory bank forever. They say Mexicans always find a reason to throw a party and we made sure to make that statement ring true. This reminds me to thank you for the beautiful heritage and legacy you will leave me with. From the Spanish language, the enchiladas with flan for dessert, to annual visits to Mexico, thank you for enriching my life with the Mexican culture. It is as much part of me as you are.  Now you are back home in your native land and I am reminded of how much you loved us for giving up everything to seek a better life for your kids. I miss you so much when you are not here visiting us.
Thank you for teaching me about the value of a clean house, of reading the Bible, and forgiving my brother or sister. I still recall our family meetings that forced us all to come clean and forgive each other. It was like having our own little town hall meeting. Well, I loved the little community we had there and learned a great deal about conflict resolution.

Mexican mom

Mom and my younger brother Ruben

Mom, above everything I thank you for sharing your Faith with me and my siblings.  Thank you for raising me in a home where, although not perfect, feared the Lord.  You planted the seed that did see the day of bloom and now, you are reaping what you sewed many, many years ago. I am currently planting that seed in my kids and hope I too get to see the day when they give their lives to the Lord Jesus.
Thank you Mom for being a Mother to me. You were there, you loved me, and you directed me in the right path and for that, I am eternally grateful. Happy Mother’s Day to my favorite Mexican woman. I pray God let’s me say this to you for many, many years.
Te quiero mucho mama I love you,
Tu hija Raquel your daughter

mom in Mexico

in Guadalajara, Mexico

4 Responses to “Feliz dia de las Madres (Mexican Mother’s Day)”

  1. Erika May 10, 2011 at 1:21 pm #

    Thanks for sharing! I love my Mexican mama too, I really appreciate everything shes done for me especially now that I’m a mom i know it’s not always easy. I hope my kids speak spanish! I am working on it!! my grandma was actually from Guadalajara! No wonder we click lol Feliz dia de las Madres!!

    • Training Up My Boys May 11, 2011 at 11:43 am #

      So great to hear that Erika. I did finally get to speak with my mom on the phone last night to wish her a very happy mother’s day only to realized she had forgotten what date it was lol. I hope you can enjoy your mom as much as possible having her so close to you. 🙂

  2. mommylili May 11, 2011 at 8:58 am #

    Very nicely put Rachell, I love it =)

    • Training Up My Boys May 11, 2011 at 11:44 am #

      I was really looking to your thoughts since you are the first born and saw more than me. I am glad you approved 🙂

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