May the force be with you Mickey

6 Jun

Things that are scary

Mickey goes to the dark side

Star Wars Mickey Mouse

Rockford scared of you he is

 The older my son gets the more his imagination is at work. Sometimes this is a good thing, sometimes it’s a destructive. Recently he has become anxious about several items in our house which is requiring us to do some re-organization. Is this weird or can you relate with me?


M-I-C, See you real soon…or not

A couple of weeks ago I noticed Rockford did not want to play in his room where he usually went to play in the afternoons. He started making suggestions like, “Mama I think Mickey wants to go in your room” or “Mama can you take Mickey to the living room?” I finally asked him why he didn’t want to go into his room or why he kept insisting on moving Mickey around the house. That’s when he told me he didn’t want Mickey in the room because he was scary. I don’t get it, I thought, it’s been in his room for a year and now it started to torment him. Well out Mickey Mouse went to his new residence…the garage.

By the way, when I brought Mickey inside the house to take a picture of him for the post, Rockford wasn’t having it and started demanding I take him back out. “Mama you said Mickey was going in the garage, take him out, take him out!” He was very upset and terrified about this confrontation, so I quickly took my picture and threw him out.

big stuffed mickey mouse

Perhaps, Rockford wont be joining in the jamboree

 Return of the Jedi…departure of Star Wars poster

Another item that has seen a new home has been our Star Wars poster that my husband was surprised I let him hang in our house when he brought it home. As luck would have it, Rockford is terrified of it. It use to hang on the wall adjacent to the bathroom upstairs. When Rockford used the bathroom he could see it and again, about a month ago he started getting upset over it. When I first hung it up he was very amused by it asking every characters name and memorizing their names. He would even point at Princess Leia and say, “that’s Mama” (my sweet boy). However, he started making comments like, “the wall is scary” or “Mama, Darth Vader is a bad guy”. Naturally, we knew what was coming next, we had to take the poster to the garage or find ourselves in the bathroom with him every time he had to pee. I guess we’ll be posting this poster on Craigslist now.

star wars "Return of the Jedi" poster
Return of the Jedi poster

Aside from those two items, Rockford has grown frightened of a rocking horse and just started using the restroom by himself. I don’t know if this is attributed to him watching certain videos but the only two that he’s been watching lately are “Larry Boy” and “Toy Story 3”. I believe there is one particular episode called “Larry Boy & the Fib from Outer Space” that he doesn’ t like to watch anymore because he says it’s scary.  So my question is this, is he getting scared of these because he is getting older and his mind is expanding? Has this happened to you? Will he grow out of this? How can I help him (besides not letting him watch these videos?).

Hope you all have a marvelous Monday!
Your comments are always greatly appreciated

4 Responses to “May the force be with you Mickey”

  1. workmomad June 6, 2011 at 7:47 am #

    This is simply something he will have to grow out of, unless he can tell you what triggered it.

    Once, when we were traveling, we had to stop at a rest area at night and for whatever reason, Kayla became terrified that she and I were going to get locked in the bathroom. We never did find out why.

    That was in 2007; it has only been the last couple of years that I have been able to get here into a rest area bathroom without having to be very, very forceful. And heaven help us if any restroom has automatic toilets!


    • Training Up My Boys June 10, 2011 at 12:24 am #

      Thanks for the encouragement Nancy. I do hope he can outgrow this before my garage becomes our storage 🙂

  2. Jessica White Fuller June 9, 2011 at 7:50 pm #

    Oh, I am so sad for Mickey!! He is supposed to be the happiest little mouse on Earth!! My 3 year old has about 6 Minnie and Mickeys that she sleeps with every night! Hopefully he will get over it all soon. Has he been watching any scary movies or hanging out with new people who tell him scary stuff? Like I said on blog frog, I just try to deflect with humor, laugh it off as if it is no big deal.

    And if you are looking for a new home for the star wars poster…… 😉

    • Training Up My Boys June 10, 2011 at 12:29 am #

      Thanks for stopping by Jessica, I appreciate your input. My son was watching two particular videos that might have something to do with it so he doesn’t watch those anymore. He doesn’t really hang out with anymore without me there and the only person he really hangs out by himself is his grandma and well, I think you know she wouldn’t be the culprit here. I think his imagination is growing and he is still grasping abstrat thought, what is real and what is fantasy. I’ll definately try more humor. Thanks again for stopping by. 🙂

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