Friday Funnies: When kids “think” they are helping

30 Jun

Helping Gone Wrong!

My funny helpers

little boy and grocery basket

Lending a hand

Ok I am all about teaching my kids to help out. Sometimes, however, their sweet intention can sometimes get me on edge.  Here are some classic example of “helping gone wrong”. I am sure you can relate.

I hear splashing in the bathroom and run in there. Rockford and Rocco are around the toilet with plunger and scrubber on hand trying to get the baby wipes packet that fell in. “Don’t worry Mama, I got it,” says Rockford.


I walk into the living room and see Rockford and Rocco spraying the plants with Shout saying, “we are feeding the plants so they can grow.”


I was outside sweeping the patio with a broom. The next thing I see is Rocco using his toothbrush to sweep alongside me.


Rockford hates the feeling of clothes’ tags on his skin and usually asks me to remove them. Feeling a sense of initiative, he picked up his own scissors to cut his clothing tag and ended up cutting the front of his shirt.


I went down to my room only to find Rockford saying he was doing homework (working at home) and had accumulated a pile of branches and twigs on my bedroom floor.


I see Rockford running to get his dad’s screw driver. I asked him, “what for?” He answers,  “because daddy said my toy is broken and not working”….but it actually it only needed batteries.




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