Mission: Family Organization

29 Jun

Family Organization Center

Family that plans together, stays together

letter ORDER
Let’s get organized family!

I was recently asked by my dear friend Lori Avery what I do to stay organized with all my family activities. Though I had my little system in tacked, I thought, why not tweak it a little to make it easier and neater. Hence, here is our new and improved family organization center.

My previous system consisted of everything hanging on our refrigerator doors and this made for a messy look and chaos when the door closed too rapidly. Therefore, I utilized the wall space adjacent to our refrigerator and kept only a couple of items on the refrigerator for the kids.

Reclaiming our refrigerator doors!

 This is what it looks like now without the clutter. I only left Rockford’s calendar of events (above) and Rocco’s magnet alphabet (below).

calendar of events for kids

Kids Weekly Calendar of Events

 This is the kids’ weekly calendar of events. I basically printed the days of the week and left space below for the clip art images that I printed from online. I then typed in the description right below the image i.e.grocery, zoo, park. Finally, I laminated everything, cut them and placed magnetic tape behind. Rockford loves having order and knowing what the plan for that given week. If we need to change something during the week, I let him do the changing so he can make a mental note of what that change was.

family organization station
Our family organization/communication center
Here is our family organization center!
monthly calendar

Monthly Calendar

White Metal Panel (Ikea )
Monthly calendar (Walmar)
Mail holder (Walmart)
Pen holder (Ikea)
In this calendar I keep track of our family monthly affairs (doctor appointments, birthdays, parties, showers and my blog postings). It has a little pouch that allows me to place the birthday, shower and party invitations in it. Mail holder is great for when Daddy gets home and only wants to see items pertaining to him and not junk mail. Finally the pen holder is genius and I never have to run around looking for a pen to write something down.

white boards

Message Boards


White Boards/magnets (Walmart)

Pen holder (Ikea)

 This is a great corner to communicate with Daddy. He goes to bed earlier than me and wakes up earlier than me so if I forget to say something to him he can read it before he heads to work like the other day I just wanted to give him a congratulations for doing so well on some tests he studied so hard for.  

message board

Communication Board


Notepad (Walmart)
Circle magnets (Ikea)
This area is for to do lists i.e get car washed, grocery list (if it’s not on the list I ain’t getting it), and Mama’s Praise & Worship schedule.
Art display

Art Display Center

Cork boards (Ikea)
Tacks (Walmart)
Wooden letters (JoAnn’s Fabrics)
Finally, the middle section is composed of two  15 x 22  cork boards. Here I display Rockford’s crafts and art that he has made here at home and in Sunday school. This helps reinforce the lessons he learned in Sunday school and the fact that we appreciate his work.
Well there it is folks, my family organization station. I am sure I’ll tweak it again sometime soon, but for now it’s doing its job and making my job easier. Please share with me some of your ideas and systems that you have in place and help out other mommies who are still trying to figure things out.  Thanks again for your support and contribution.
Blessings to you!

2 Responses to “Mission: Family Organization”

  1. workmomad June 30, 2011 at 7:59 am #

    System? What system? 🙂


  2. mamaalvina July 4, 2011 at 10:32 am #

    Nice organization station! We partly use our fridge as a station as well and part of the kitchen wall. A cork board is necessary. A trip to walmart is in order. Thanks! 😉

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