Friday Funnies: Daddy and Rockford

15 Jul

Daddy Moments

Conversations with Rockford

Father and son

Just the two of us

Here are some funny and interesting conversations Mommy has overheard Daddy have with Rockford. 
Practice makes perfect
Daddy is driving and singing in the car. When he stopped singing Rockford took the liberty to interject and offer his two cents, “You need to practice Daddy”.
Mail Bonding
Rockford was playing with his Elmo mailbox and started announcing that Daddy had mail. He hands Daddy a letter and Daddy playfully started reading letter saying, “Dear Daddy I love you to the moon and stars love, Rockford.”  Hearing this Rockford with an upset look replies, “No! Not that much! That’s too much!”
This old man he played one…
We are hanging out in the dining area and out of the blue Rockford starts singing to the tune of “Mary Had a Little Lamb”,“Daddy is an old man, an old man, an old man, Daddy is an old man”. Daddy looks at me and asked if I was behind this. My reply, “Why would I call you old, I’m only a year younger than you that would make me old”.
Our Royal Family
We have an enclosed area we call “Rockford’s Castle” where Rocco is denied access to preserve Rockford’s train sets in order. Recently we organized Mommy’s loft craft area where only Mommy is allowed (since it’s an upstairs loft area and not safe for kids). On this given day Rockford wanted to climb up to be with me. 
Daddy: “You can’t go up there, that’s Mama’s Castle.”
Rockford: “That’s a tower!”
…well pardon moi!

One Response to “Friday Funnies: Daddy and Rockford”

  1. workmomad July 15, 2011 at 7:10 am #

    Getting a chance to eavesdrop is always a bonus!


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