Funny moments at the Bank and Walmart

19 Jul

Wild and Out

A Funny thing happened while out

cute little boys smiling

The funny moments these two bring

My sons really do bring excitement and funny to our otherwise mundane errands and outings. Come read how they made a bank employee uncomfortable and why mommy needed a change of clothes in Walmart.

At the Bank

We stopped at the bank the other day to do a quick deposit. Now I know better than to go to the bank on a Friday when everyone in town is depositing their checks too. So there we are in line with the other ten plus people. On one hip I have Rocco and Rockford is asking to make a break for it and wonder around. I let him go look at the magazines in the waiting area.

A bank rep came up to me to ask me if all I needed to do was a non cash transaction to which I say yes and she goes on to escort us to a cubicle. As soon as I sit down and take my wallet out, Rockford starts his song and dance, “I need to go pee pee! I need to go pee pee!” I quickly just hand him my bag and say, “here, check to see if there is an emergency diaper in there”. As I go back to take out my bank card in my wallet, Rocco had already gone to town with it and had now decorated the desk with every card, dollar bill and checkbook in the wallet. As I’m putting my wallet back together I can see Rockford from the corner of my eye parading my giant purse up and down the bank chanting, “I don’t see a diaper Mama, I don’t see a diaper! I couldn’t help but chuckle at my situation. “All done,” says the bank employee with a look of rush and uneasiness. As I am about to explain to Rockford that he has to wait for us to go to the car for a diaper she interjects and offers the bank’s employee only bathroom. “He’s been waiting so patiently,” she says. In what planet? I thought, but gladly accepted. We made it out dry, which is more than I can say for Walmart.

At Walmart

After leaving the bank we made our way to the store to pick up a couple of items. Needless to say, “a couple” of items at Walmart can quickly turn into a pile of items you didn’t know you needed or wanted. After opening every other bag of snacks in the shopping cart– by the way, this is not consider stealing is it, if I plan to pay for it? My husband hates when I do this, but my parents always did this with us as kids– Back to the chaos in Walmart. 

As we make our way to the register both Rocco and Rockford who have been seating inside cart stuffing their face with chocolate animal cookies, crackers and juice want out. Rocco became “that crying baby at Walmart” that everyone talks about. To stop the high pitch squeal of my son, I take him and Rockford out of the cart as I unload my cart. Thank goodness Rockford is assisting me with Rocco as he quickly smacks every bag of chip of the counters and there is Rockford picking them up right behind him. As soon as I am done unloading I pick up Rocco to stop his disorganizing fiasco. Seconds later, I feel that warm sensation that can only come from a child peeing on you. Yes, Rocco peed through his diaper, shorts and now my blouse and shorts…just lovely. Here I stood with a chocolate faced peed kid on my hip and Rockford starts his song and dance again, “I gotta go pee pee!” Are you kidding me?! I need to carry a portable potty for this kid. All I could do was laugh and think, well at least this will make for a funny blog post.


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