Friday Special: Special Moments

26 Aug

Special Moments Captured

A picture says a thousand words

boy gives mama flower

"Here mama, a flower for you."

They say a picture says a thousand words. Well sometimes it only needs to say one…LOVE. Here is a tribute to LOVE from our family to yours.
kiss on little boy's head
Mama loves kissing her
I don’t know how long they’ll let me keep kissing them in public so I have to take advantage of it.   
pushing a stroller

He is Mama's helper

Ever since learning how to push the stroller he never lets me do it. He says he’s a big boy now and is strong.
playing with daddy

Boys ambush Daddy

You can see why I had to run for my camera and capture all the boys in my life in their element.
brothers laughing together

brotherly love

This melts my heart and makes all those sleepless nights worth it.

mom and sons

Me and my boys

Capturing ordinary days in not so ordinary ways.
brothers laughing

Enjoying the moment

Who knew one dollar could bring so much joy to two boys.
daddy reading to son

Daddy reads to Rockford

Love the way Rockford is curled up with daddy with a good book.
mom holds her toddler

At Balboa Park, family trip

Mama loves fashion, but she loves her boys more.
big smiles

Big grins, big fun

Just another day at the park, love seeing my children smile.
I hope to have inspired you to also capture those ordinary moments that will later tell a story. These special moments for me tell a story of Love and is how I want to remember my days as a stay at home mommy.
Have a wonderful week-end! Blessings!

One Response to “Friday Special: Special Moments”

  1. workmomad August 27, 2011 at 6:15 am #

    Raquel, those pictures are so special! Enjoy every minute you have with all three of your boys; time flies so fast!


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