Inspiration for family beach camping trip

25 Aug

For the  Love of Fishing

A look back into Daddy’s childhood

man fishing beautiful sky

fishing is in his heart

Today we are heading out to a beach camping trip that has been long overdue…not so much for us as a family, but for my husband. For this reason I want to write my sons a letter to enlighten them on the significance and inspiration behind this trip by sharing with them a little about their Daddy’s childhood memories.

Dear Boys,

Today we are heading to a camping area at Corona Beach in Baja California. All you know Rockford is that it is in Mexico and that is why we had to obtain our passport cards. No, abuelito and abuelita will not be there because they live in Guadalajara in another state in Mexico. I wanted to share you with you boys why this place is so special to Daddy and how this has imprinted in his heart the love of fishing.

fishing with grandpa

Tata and Daddy, 1981

You have seen this picture hanging on our hall wall and for while you thought it was you Rockford, but didn’t know who that man was next to you. Then you finally learned that this was not actually you, but Daddy, when he was a boy about your age and he was with his grandfather “Tata”. See, for fourteen years your Daddy would take summer trips to Corona Beach with his Tata and Nana for a couple of months each year, so basically his summer was spent in the sand beaches of Corona Beach. They did so many fun stuff there like ride ATCs, go fishing, play with fireworks, ride buggy boards and of course, spent countless hours with his grandparents. These summers live with your Father forever.

Corona Beach, Baja California

an old postcard kept

I remember when we were dating and he shared some family videos with me where he was with his grandparents and he looked back on some of these childhood memories. His eyes (and mine) filled with tears, I guess he got to thinking back on those good memories and how they were just that… memories. He adored his Tata and loved spending time with him. His Tata loved fishing and because he shared this passion with your Daddy so much, Daddy came to love this hobby too.

On September 8, 2008 Tata Art passed away. You were only months old Rockford, but he held you and kissed you, even in his last hours. Tata Art adored your Daddy too and in his last moments of life, mustered the energy to pick his body up from his bed to show some affection back to Daddy as Daddy cried out to him, ‘I’m gonna miss you! I’m gonna miss you!” They loved each other so much and I was fortunate enough to have witness their mutual love and admiration for one another. The day he died forever left a little void in my heart too sons. You see, when you love someone very much, you want them to be surrounded with as many people as possible that love and encourage them. With Tata passing away, it left Daddy with one less person in the world that loves and encourages him and this always made me feel a little sad.

The funeral was beautiful and took place on September 13th. Pastor John was there and helped them obtain that church building. Daniel (worship leader) was there too because Mommy had asked him to play for me as I sang, “Marvelous Light”. Even now when I sing this song in church I still get a little sentimental, so now you know why. One of the most beautiful facts shared about Tata Art was told by your grandpa Rudy (Daddy’s daddy) and he said that Tata carried eight pictures of Nana in his wallet because he LOVED his wife. Hearing this made me realize how similar your Daddy really is to his Tata because I know that your Daddy loves you Mommy just as much. At the end of the funeral your Daddy placed a 4×6 copy of that same picture on our wall into Tata’s coffin.I guess Daddy wanted to make sure Tata knew what those moments of being with him meant to him.

daddy and sons fishing

Fishing with Daddy

Sons, your father has been sharing his love and passion for fishing with you every summer or any time he has the opportunity to do so. Please know that when he is teaching you to fish, he is telling you he loves you. I guess this is how his Tata communicated this to him and those moments are forever treasured for him. I hope you boys also treasure these moments with your Daddy who loves you so much. Before marrying your Dad I didn’t really care for fishing, but your Dad did and I knew there was so much more behind it for him; so I not only shared it with him, I embraced it and encouraged it. I may not fish when we go “fishing”, but I will pack us up, keep us warm and fed when we go on these trips while Daddy does the actual fishing.

Daddy hasn’t returned to Corona Beach since 2000, when he visited it with a couple of friends of his, but he said the beach itself is not the same. Something actually happened that caused much of the ocean to vanish from that particular beach area, much like the people who used to make up the regulars at the beach during your Daddy’s childhood. Though the beach is not the same and the people are gone, there are many children that grew up there just like your Daddy that have real special memories and are now connecting and forming groups on social networks to meet up and share their memories. It’s a real deep and emotional connection they share for this beach.

Daddy sketched this

Daddy loved these memories so much he wrote a paper about this in one of his English classes in high school and when he read it to his Tata, he loved it too. Many years later, Daddy turned this same paper into a video that captures the actual pictures and videos of these days. When he showed this video to Tata, he cried. It was the first time Daddy had seen Tata so moved. This video was also shown in the funeral and now lives in YouTube where other children of Corona Beach also have an appreciation for it. What a beautiful gift this was for Tata, for Daddy and for you boys.
If you boys grow up to love your Daddy as much as he loved Tata, it would give me all the joy in the world. For now, I encourage you to share in this love language that Daddy shares with you…fishing.


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