Remembering September 11th

11 Sep

A look back…

Mommy shares her Diary notes

Like many today, I too am thinking back at that infamous day that forever rocked our nation, redirected our priorities and shaped the future of our country,  September 11, 2001. I wanted to share pages of my diary with my sons that I wrote down just days after this event to read the actual thoughts as their mommy lived those moments.


Mama's diary

(Mama’s Diary)
September 16, 2001
I decided to write today because a piece of history has begun to take its course as of Tuesday, September 11th, a day that will live on forever remembered as a day of “infamy”. At about 6:45am (8:45 in New York) two airplanes, United Airlines and American Airlines, crashed into the World Trade Center (Twin Towers) after being hijacked by some Islamic fanatics.  Thousands of lives were taken, about four thousand plus in the World Trade Center and about one hundred and ninety in the Pentagon, along with those passengers who were in all four planes that crashed.
Looking back at it now days later,  it still seems like a horrible nightmare. Yes, the United States has been under attack by terrorists. President Bush called these acts “Acts of War” in one of his deliveries.  Thus, he has declared an ongoing war on terrorists. Hence, as soon as enough evidence of citizenship is accumulated he will declare war on that nation. Osama Bin Laden is being seen as the culprit and the enemy today as was Saddam Hussein in earlier years.
Thousands of reserves have been called in. Yes, we are preparing for war. It is sad to see this happening, but at the same time, something has to give and it sure isn’t going to be our freedom.
One good thing has risen among all this tarnish and despair. The cry for America is a cry of unity. One voice cries and it weeps the cries of many, all those who have come together to be a stronger America. Patriotism is ringing from sea to sea. The terrorists have knocked down our buildings, but surely have not destroyed America’s foundation.  Unity and real brotherhood is again now crowing the good that God shed with grace on this land.
I smile at every flag I see and still cry when I hear one of America’s patriotic theme songs.  I fear no evil though I walk through the valley of darkness. This was the Psalm that was quoted by our nation’s leader, President George W. Bush. There were colleagues in my class that saw this as a sign of weakness for him to say this, but I found this comforting and it gave me assurance that our leader stood on a solid foundation.
September 11th speech

President George W. Bush speech

Yes, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for you are with me; your rod and your staff they comfort me. ~Psalm 23:4
As we declare war and the troops prepare themselves, so do we as citizens of the “Free World” country.  We are uniting and showing the world we will not be shut down.
Dear God,
Please bless this nation. Be with those who have suffered a loss. Renew their spirit and cease their sorrow. Be with and equip those going out to defend our liberty. And please Lord, allow us to come together and love one another…and God, let not the world forget that above you, there is no other and without you, we are nothing. Please guide and bless our President and nation’s leaders.
Dear Sons,
This is what was written ten years ago by your then, 23-year-old mother. It was my last semester at San Diego State University. I was actually attending school on September 11, 2001  and was sent home after the President of the University closed down the campus and made us all evacuate the campus. It was a chaotic and confusing day for all of us. Your dad was my boyfriend at the time and came to pick me up since my car was trapped in the parking structure with everyone trying to leave at the same time. We went to a nearby restaurant to ea,t then later went to my house (abuelita’s house) and just sat in the couch watching the news the entire day and reliving the destruction that was done to our nation.
Perhaps my words as a twenty-three year old were not as eloquent as I would have wanted them to be. I might not have articulated my thoughts in the best expressive way, but I wanted to share what I was feeling during those days. This letter is so important for me to share with you as this day did shape a lot of my, and many other people’s, lives.  I learned a lot during those days and have never been more proud and blessed to be called an American. Every year we will commemorate as a family September 11th and you will learn more about this day and what the words “Liberty”, “Freedom”, “Heroism”, and “Patriotism” mean. I will not let you forget this day just as I will never forget this day, lest we forget the cost of many for our freedom.
prayer for USA


My sons, you will soon learn that Freedom is not free. My desire is for you to grow up to love your country, respect our nation’s leaders and to be good citizens of this country.  Above all, always pray for our leaders, our nation and our men and woman who willingly put their lives in harms way in the name of freedom…your freedom.
I love you boys,
9/11 Tribute Video

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  1. Erika October 16, 2011 at 2:30 pm #

    I was 16 when Sept 11th happened and a junior in High school!! this diary entry was so touching , I must write in my journal and express to my sons how i felt on this day in history that forever changed the world. I miss you and hope you and boys are doing good. please email me i lost my phone and your new number 😦 Take care amiga 🙂 Love the BLOG!!


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