Driving in cars with boys

4 Feb

My Backseat Drivers

Rockford & Rocco Funnies from the backseat

little boy in car

"Can I drive yet?"

We are at a red light waiting…

Rocco: “Go!”

Rockford: “There is a car in front of us Rocco! Do you want us to crash?!”


While at Gillespie Field the kids are running around on the parking lot. Rocco makes a fast dash.

Rockford: “Rocco come back, there are cars going there!”

…”Rocco do you want to die!”


cars, fun, boys

"Let me do it!"


As we are driving home from Gillespie Field I come to a red light.

Rockford: “What happened Mom, why did you stop? We were so close to getting home.”


little boy on little train

"Hey you're going the wrong way!"


While driving to the hospital parking structure…

Rockford: “Mom, it says ‘Do not enter’ you went the wrong way.”

Me: “No, I am going the right way, that sign is for people coming the other way letting them know that this is a ‘One Way” drive and they need to go around the other way to get into the parking structure ok?”

Rockford: “Oh I get it!…What’s a ‘One Way’ drive?” 😛


mortorcycle and boys

"Get back Rocco!"



One Response to “Driving in cars with boys”

  1. Julia Fletes February 4, 2012 at 9:09 am #

    Funny! Your boys are getting so big!! 😉

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