My kids Valentine’s Day Activity

14 Feb

L-O-V-E= G-O-D

The Greatest Love of all

boy, Valentine craft

Love his smile

In striving to come up with a meaningful and fun Valentine’s Day activity I came across a site that had this craft. I thought it was perfect.

We started our activity by reading the story of Jesus laying down his life on the cross. I read this material from my children’s “The Beginner’s Bible”.  After reading this story we sang a couple of songs that celebrate Jesus’ love for us.

“For God so Loved the World” -Steve Green

“This is how we know what love is” -Steve Green

Following story and singing time, we moved to the craft. It was easy, fun and yummy to do.

Items needed:
Colored construction paper

kids’ glue



bag of Brach’s heart-shaped candy

I had previously written in the words for of the verse on a construction paper, leaving a space for the missing letters. For my younger son, I placed the letter in the missing space so he would know the letter that was missing. For my older son, I left the space blank so he would be a little challenged to find the missing letter. I then cut out 1″ hearts of various colors and wrote in them the letters, “V,A,L,E,N,T,I,N,E”  These would be glued in by kids in their missing spaces.

Valentine's day candy

candy...of course

I spread out the letters on the table as my kids found the missing letters and glued them on the right spaces. As they glued the letters they enjoyed some traditional Valentine’s Day candy…Brach’s heart-shaped candy. Rockford was so cute to read the hearts out loud adding the name Jesus before each word on the hearts. “Love. Jesus is Love,” he said. Is that cool or what?

boys, Valentine craft

Loving their projects

Finally, after gluing the letters and eating the candy we read the verse over (John:316) and sang it together.

Christian Valentine's Day craft, activity

John 3:16

I hope you can enjoy a meaningful and fun kids’ activity this Valentine’s Day with your children. This is now displayed in our family organization center so we can all see it and be reminded of God’s love.

home organizer

Up for display


I Love my Family!!!

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