Friday Funnies From Rockford

17 Feb

Rockford Funnies

Love a kid’s funny perspective

smiling boy

All smiles

The other day I am driving into garage with boys in the backseat. As we approach to park we see Daddy working out…pause. We sit in car for a minute and stare.

Me: “Wow…Daddy is strong!”

Rockford: “Yeah…like me.” 🙂


Brotherly love…Not

While at the doctor’s office for one of my prenatal visits the boys were playing on the floor. Rocco pushed one of his cars under a seat and since I was occupied with the nurse I asked Rockford to get the car for Rocco. Rockford was intently playing with his Leap Pad that he hesitated to follow my instruction. Again I asked him to get the car for Rocco who was now crying. Rockford looked at me acknowledging my request and nodded, but then looked over Rocco (thinking I couldn’t hear him) and whispered, “Get it yourself Rocco”. 😦


Who’s the boss?

While dressing the boys in the morning Rockford demanded I give him juice. I said I’d get him juice after he was dressed. He again persisted he wanted juice so I probed, “who’s the boss Rockford?” My smart alec son responded, “Daddy is the boss.” Then I followed up with, “when Daddy is not here who’s the boss?” He answered, “I’m the boss!” Immediately I thought what a great learning opportunity this would be for him. “Ok, if you are the boss, go get yourself some juice.” He left and came back in two minutes with a cup saying, “Ok, here is my cup. I want some juice.” I replied, “No, if you are the boss you can get your own juice without me.” He walked back to the kitchen and a couple of minutes later walks back to his room. “You’re the boss mommy, I want to get dressed.” 🙂


Lost in translation

While visiting my parents the other day who are here visiting from Mexico, Rockford realized he needs to keep up with his Spanish learning. He looked over to me and said, “Mommy, they don’t know my name. They keep calling me Rocky (my husband’s name). How do you say Rockford in Spanish? …they call him Rocky because he is the splitting image of my hubby 🙂


Monkey see…monkey do

We took my son to see the movie “Puss in Boots” and he really enjoyed it.

at the movies

Puss in Boots poster

I guess it really did have an impact on him. The next day he decided he’d be Puss in Boots.

cute boy being silly

El Puss in Boots



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