Cool and Easy Solar System for my Kid

5 Mar

Crazy about his planets

Fun Kids activity

Out of this world

The latest fab for my three-year old son is the solar system. I tried making my own solar system for him and lucked out when I came across this cool Styrofoam solar system kit at Walmart. Maybe your kids can enjoy making their own solar system too.

My son has been really intrigued by our solar system. In an effort to support this interest, we downloaded a couple of iPhone apps, a puzzle, and my husband even bought him a telescope on Craigslist. I wanted to create a mobile for his room so he could see it every time he woke up.

As I was making my way through Walmart in my thrifty quest to find supplies to make this mobile, I came across this cool kit, Styrofoam Solar System Kit.  All that was left for me to do was paint it, connect it with the sticks that came with kit, and hang it.

solar system kit at Walmart

$9 at Walmart

My clever husband made this a reward for my son for getting a hair cut (he hates getting his hair cut). So after a quick hair cut in the bathroom, my husband and son (my husband really) painted the planets and created this solar system last Sunday. We surprised my son by hanging it in his room on Wednesday evening and boy was he one happy camper when he saw it.

styrafoam solar system

paint it yourself

solar system

Check out earth

solar system mobile

now hanging in his room

science for kids

Science is fun and pretty

Yesterday it was the countries, today it’s the solar system, we’ll see what interest he’ll have tomorrow. With every interest he has, I try to enhance his learning of it in the most thrifty way I can. I hope you can enjoy creating this solar system with your little ones or have your older kids paint and put it together themselves.

Have a great week!!!

I Love my Family!!!

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  1. Angela Muse March 5, 2012 at 6:59 am #

    Love it!

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