Stumped by my kid ??!@#$%

2 Mar

You want to know what?

When kids ask the darndest things

What the heck look


Has your kid ever asked you a question from left field where he/she leaves you stumped? Let me share a few of mine with you that I have had thanks to my three year old.

Rockford walks up to his Nana holding his boy glands…

Rockford: “What are these for Nana?”

Nana: “As your Daddy.”


Curious about my pregnancy…

Rockford: “Mommy, how did the baby get inside you?”

Me: “Well Daddy put it in there.”

Rockford: “But HOW did Daddy put it in there?”


After reading a bible story…

Rockford: “How can I talk to God?”
Me: “You can pray anytime and He will hear you.”

Rockford: “But how can I hear him when he talks back to me?”


During bath time…

Rockford: “Where is heaven Daddy? Is it another planet?”


While trying to lean over the upstairs balcony…,

Daddy: “No Rockford, you can’t climb on that. You can fall over and die and go to see Jesus.”

Rockford: “Where does Jesus live? What color is his house?”


Have a great week-end!!

I Love my Family!!!

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