Valentine’s Day

14 Feb

My Funny Valentine

My son’s Valentine gift to parents

little boy being silly

Silly Rockford

One of the great things about having a kid in pre-school is the sweet crafts they make for parents. Case in point my husband and my Valentine’s gift from Rockford.

a gift to parents for Valentine's day

Front side

Tad-a! Here it is. It is a piece of wood, hand painting (with love of course), add glue and glitter and TAD-A! It is a work of art that any parent will treasure..  🙂

reasons i love parents valentine's day

Back side

The back is not painted, but I do see Rockford’s handwriting that makes it priceless.  And here is what made this gift so sweet.

5 Reasons Why “I love my parents” 

1.  They help me do pictures.

2. I like my dad when he rumbles with me.

3. I like my mom cause when I get hurt she kisses it for me.

4. They take me to cool places.

5. They like me.

Love, Rockford

May your Valentine’s day be filled with lovely gifts and memories like this. Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

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