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Custom Made Bag Sweepstakes Winner!!!

15 Aug


And the winner is…

tulle bags
One of many bag options

I had Rockford pick out the name of the winner for the sweepstakes. I handed him a bowl with all the entries and said, “Winner, winner, chicken dinner, pick the winner Rockford!” He replied, “I want to win the dinner!” After picking the winner he went through every name and came to me with a look of disappointment. “What’s wrong?” I asked. He replied, I didn’t see my name in there so I couldn’t win the dinner.”  …I laughed too.  

And the winner is…

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Lessons learned at Lo Jolla Tide Pools (part 2)

8 Aug

My son hates the beach!

Helping our kids experience new things

little boy upset

"I want to go home!"

As a mom I always struggle with how much to push my kids to try new things, especially when they claim to “hate it” and cry at the site of it. Do I let them keep hating something so wonderful as a park or beach? Or do I try to give them a better experience of it until they appreciate it? Well here is something else Rockford and I learned at the tide pools.

Sewing Project Sweepstakes!

25 Jul

Enter to win today!

Custom made Bag!


You asked for it and here it is! Enter to win your custom-made bag. Whether you want to gift it or keep it for yourself, find out how to score your custom made bag!

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