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Family trip to Lake Cuyamaca

13 Nov Lake Cuyamaca- family trip- san diego- nature trail

Our Trip to Lake Cuyamaca

Lake Cuyamaca - boy in lake- ducks- family adventure


What a beautiful nature adventure just 50 miles east of San Diego. Our boys had a blast watching the ducks, geese, coyote, and deer. Yes, there is a coyote the locals call “the shy coyote” and true to his name he saw us and ran off to hide.

My boys fed the ducks and geese, climbed trees, hiked some trails, threw rocks into the lake, and ran around up and down the pier.  Who says fun family adventures have to be costly? We ate lunch at our loca In-and-Out before heading there and then had dinner at home.

When (not if, but when) we vist Lake Cuyamaca again, I’ll be sure to pack us a picnic, enjoy rowing a boat with the family, and again take in all the beauty that beckons you to come again.

We are on a mission to rediscover our city and parks nearby one family adventure at a time. Please share with us a trip you think we should take.

*Song credit: “Shout to the Lord” | Lincoln Brewster

Happy 100th Anniversary to our Naval Aviation in San Diego

13 Feb



My husband was so looking forward to watching 100th Anniversary Parade of Flight in San Diego bay area. He got my son’s backpack all packed up with snacks, sweater (in case it got chilli), extra pair of pants (in case of an accident), and toys (should he need a little amusement). He even had a special insert that was in Friday’s Union Tribune newspaper that was done especially for the viewer’s attending event. They set off around 2pm only to be back around 3pm. “What happened?” I asked. “It ended at 2:30pm and I thought it was supposed to go until 4pm”.  All that for nothing I thought…that is, until I saw the one clip he did capture. I think this sums it up and made the trip worthwhile as they did get to see the finale of the event.  You can hear my son Rockford in the background.

Happy 100th Anniversary to our Naval Aviation in San Diego!


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