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Simple Pleasures: Splashing water in the sun.

7 Sep

Summer Heats Up

Water splashing never felt so good

boy playing in water

Simple Joy

On a hot and humid day, we headed out to Balboa Park to visit Rockford’s favorite museums and we ended up spending most of our time outside playing in the water. What joy and delight this simple and pure activity brought to my boys. I watched in delight, once again reminded of life’s simple pleasures.

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Toddlers can teach us about Contentment

26 Apr

Finding Joy…in everything

Kids find FUN everywhere


little boy playing with carboard box

Picture by Getty

 You’ve probably heard this story or have lived it out, about a kid who gets a gift and finds joyful bliss playing with the box alone rather than the toy that came inside it. We can learn a thing a two from that scenario…

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