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unsung “LITTLE” heroes

10 Feb

Let’s hear it for the boy! 

They say each kid has his or her own personality. Some kids are very mellow and easy-going. Then there are kids who are very energetic and leave you feeling like a tornado just struck the room and you feel tired just watching them. Some kids crave the stoplight and want to recite for you everything they know, while others shrug and hide behind their mom’s leg just to escape being the center of attention. Some kids pay attention to detail and carefully pick up their toys, other kids don’t even notice toys tossed every wich way and want to kick and squash every thing in sight.  Thank God for all these differences, chances are you probably recognize one or more of your kids’ personality here. Some will use their personalities for their future tasks, callings and/or carriers. I don’t want to jump ahead of myself, so I’ll just focus on how some kids are blossoming into their future adult self as we speak.

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