Friday Funnies: Funny sayings by Rockford

25 Feb

There is never a dull moment with Rockford around…

While putting Rockford in car seat I gave him Mater and he asked for McQueen. I said no because MQ was inside his backpack and didn’t want to take it out. “But he loves Lighting McQueen,” Rockford cried out. “I’m sure they’ll survive until they meet again,” I said. As I was putting my seatbelt on I hear his interpretation of what I had just said. “You said he [MQ] doesn’t love Mater!”  I thought only women dissected every word said.


It is that time of month for me and I was getting Rockford ready when I said to him, “Mama is feeling sick too”. He replied, “Where are your mocos (snot)?” I started laughing and so did him and Rocco…laughter is truly a good medicine.


Rocco was breastfeeding and Rockford leaned in and said, “Is that yummy Rocco?”

Rockford wanted to play with my phone and I said no to him. He replied, “No, I say no.” Then I added. “Fine you said no.” Then he said, “Fine I said no.” I don’t know what his point was but he still didn’t get to play with my phone.


I hear Rocco crying in bathroom so I go in there and notice Rockford next to him.

Me:  “What happened?”

Rockford:  “I kicked him?”

Me:  “Where did you kick him?”

Rockford:  “here on my knee”



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