Love, Steve

1 Mar

A special note

I recently picked up a new book that I started reading, Parenting with Love and Logic : Teaching Children Responsibility by Foster Cline, M.D. and Jim Fay. I bought it used on  It seems this book has been around the block a few times by the “for sale” sticker on the back, the letter written inside the front cover by a loved one and the fact that it’s missing the paper cover. I guess that’s why I lucked out and got it for $0.43.

It seems this book has made its rounds and made it home to me. I couldn’t help but read the inside handwritten letter that I can only imagine was written by the father of the book recipient’s baby. I know this was written as a personal note, but it became public domain when they sold it. It is a lovely note and I wanted to share it with you.

Hi Sweetheart!!

Just the thought of another new baby thrills me…and at the same time, it scares me to think that we have another life to be responsible for before Jesus. With that in mind I thought I’d bring you this book.  Not that you specifically need the help (God knows I do!) …but rather as a symbol of my committment to seeing our family grow together “in Christ”. Growing through all aspects not just in numbers, but in our ability to raise and nurture our kids as Jesus would.

I love you!


I thought it was sweet that “Steve” wrote this note and gave this special book to the mother of his second child, his “Sweetheart”. He felt it was important to raise their children in a responsible way before Jesus. I guess I always assumed that women are always the ones out there seeking for books, articles, workshops on how to be a better parent. At least that’s the way I am. I have never received a book from my husband…

Well now that I think about it, I believe my husband did give me the best book on parenting, and marriage and being a better servant of God and being a better friend, and a better daughter and a better person overall. When we were dating he gave me my first New Kings James Bible.

I would like to hear any great book recommendations you want to pass along here on parenting or any book that struck a chord and brought joy to your life.  By the way, I think Steve made a good choice with this book because it is pretty practical and filled with lots of tips.


My recommendations:

Brining Up Boys, Dr. James C. Dobson

To Train up a Child, Michael & Debi Pearl

The Hiding Place, Corrie ten Boom

2 Responses to “Love, Steve”

  1. mommylili March 1, 2011 at 9:00 am #

    I love looking for books in the thrift stores (they’re much cheaper). I have run in to dedicated books as well and I love reading them and wondering what was in the heart of these individuals. Did the recipient actually read it? Did they find good applications for their life? Some notes are funny and others made me cry. Finding joy in the simple things =)

    You know my favorite: Bringing Up Girls by Dr. James Dobson =) Currently reading Have A New Kid By Friday by: Dr. Kevin Leman…..he cracks me up =D This morning both Family Talk and Focus on the family had the sme topic: Bringing up boys and teaching boys to become men. I though of you immidiately Rachell. Hope you got a chance to listen to them, if not, there’s always your iphone app =)

    • Training Up My Boys March 2, 2011 at 9:40 pm #

      Yes I know that ” Bringing up girls” is a must read…as soon as I have a girl. Will work on that 🙂 I too enjoy Dr. Leman’s sense of humor and it’s good to read of those moments you share with your daughters, those “learning lessons” for them are “hilarious moments” for us readers. I am really tempted to get that book by Glenn Stanton. I caught part 1 and (you’re right) thanks to my iPhone app I can listen to their broadcast anytime, anywhere, anyone. I like to listen to them when I am with Rocky and then share our thoughts on them. Thank you for all your tips, stories and for being a great example of thriving for your family, living for God, and being your hubby’s girlfriend. You are such a role model to your little sister and I am sure to many other young women.

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