Daddy Moments with Rockford

3 Mar

Rockford and Daddy conversations:

Daddy can’t seem to win, not when it comes to Rockford and mommy


Rocky always asks Rockford, “Do you love daddy?” and Rockford always answers, “Yes, and mama too”. Rocky tries to get him to simply answer “Yes” without adding the “and mama too” so he tried something new.

Daddy: “Rockford do you love mama?”

Rockford: “Yes.”

Daddy: “Do you love daddy?”

Rockford: “Yes, and mama too.”



Usually when Daddy tells Rockford he’s going to do something for him like “Rockford I’m going to give you a bath.” He’ll reply, “No, mama do that!”  “Rockford, let’s get you dressed,” again, “No, mama do that!” So here is yesterday’s conversation.

Daddy: “Rockford daddy’s going to clean you poop.”

Rockford: “No, mama do that!”

Daddy: “Well what does daddy do?”

Rockford: “Daddy works.”



The other day we (baby Rocco, daddy and me) slept in. Rockford is use to hearing chatter in the kitchen when he wakes up which usually consists of Rocco and myself. Since we had slept in he didn’t hear anything and I heard him crying in the hall way “mama! mama! where are you?” I went to him and let him know we were still in bed and that he shouldn’t be worried. Later that morning I told this incident to daddy when he woke up and thought that was so cute. He walked up to Rockford and here is their conversation.

Daddy: “Rockford you were scared this morning?”

Rockford: “Yes.”

Daddy: “Aww, you were sad because you didn’t see us?”

Rockford (pointing at me) : “No, her!”



2 Responses to “Daddy Moments with Rockford”

  1. Maegan Davis March 3, 2011 at 1:28 pm #

    Kevin deals with the same thing. Every night he will get Conrad dressed for bed and Conrad always says “no, mommies turn”.

    • Training Up My Boys March 4, 2011 at 2:06 pm #

      “Mommy’s turn” lol Yeah because he doesn’t want to be unfair and let you out of the fun right? It’s tough sometimes not to give in when you hear your little one calling out for you right? Somedays I just crank up the radio 🙂 Thanks for sharing Maegan.

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